Monday, February 22, 2010

Edible Delightful Pleasures

Treat yourself to some edible delights and you can work off the guilty pleasures later.

First, we will just look at a mouth watering, delicious Chocolate Cupcake photograph from f2Images. This would make a perfect enhancement to our kitchen walls, wouldn’t you say?

But enough looking without touching. How about sinking our teeth into one of these Himalayan Pink Salt Truffles by Vintage Confections. The top sprinkles are pink salt and within each sumptuous creamy truffle, which has been rolled in cocoa is a center ganache of dark chocolate, made with fresh cream and butter.


Also from Vintage Confections is, Dulce de leche Vanilla Marshmallows. These large marshmallows with delicious, finger lickin’ caramel swirled throughout these treats are just too yummy!

Now here is a brownie that you absolutely must share with your friends and family. And they will definitely give you brownie points for these treats.  Jeanette’s Patisserie makes these rich, delectable mouth watering Organic Chocolate Espresso Brownies that are delivered to you in green eco-friendly packaging.


What a delicious way to start the week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carriage Rides on Michigan Avenue - Water Tower Place

Bungle up and get warm and cozy! There's still time to take a romantic and fun carriage ride in the snow.

Winter Pleasures

The snow seems to not be melting fast enough for my tastes here in Chicago.  But one of the benefits of living in a city where it snows A LOT, we get to wear fabulous knits made from soft, warm yarns.  I have chosen a few selections of hand knitted and crocheted pieces from some of my favorite designers on Etsy.

  1. You can definitely keep out those harsh winds and keep your neck and chest warm with a RIONA Hand Knitted Cardigan by Ovejanegra.
  2. Weddings never stop as love is 24/7 everyday of the year.  This Ivory Gorgeous Mohair Shrug/Bolero - Bridal Shrug, hand crocheted by Reflectionsbyds is romantic and beautiful and is a perfect complement to your bridal day.
  3. And after the wedding comes the precious baby!  Isn't this such an adorable Green Ribbed Baby Cocoon and Hat, hand knitted by OopsIKnitItAgain, to snuggle and keep your new baby nice and cozy.
  4. Doesn't it sometimes feel like the air conditioner is blowing in your office even when it's freezing outside.  Well styled this Huge Big Lemon Green Cowl from Berniolie to keep you warm and cozy inside.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello Morning Glory

Such a beautiful, majestic royal purple Morning Glory.  Spring is on its way, so for all of us with cities covered in snow, soon we will have these wonderful beauties all over the place.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Etsy Stalker - Contest Giveaway!

Stalk on over to Etsy Stalker which is curated by Beatrice and Violet.  This month my Etsy shop, Backbone Studio is being featured in the February Shadowbox Gallery.  I am running a contest where two lucky people will be able to select a free photograph of their choice from my shop.  To enter all you have to do is leave a comment.  You can leave as many comments as you wish to better your chances, but only one per day.


The After Effects of February 14th

Ok, whew, Valentine's Day is over.  Many of us can breathe again.  Either our fantasties were realized or we may have some thinking to do about our significant other.   No matter, Bleeding Hearts are still beautiful to look at and appreciate.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Getting There


Here is a vintage typewriter that is on exhibit at the Museum and Science and Industry in Chicago.  Typing on this typewriter today would make the typist go real slow.  That's how my blog is going, slow but steady.