Monday, February 22, 2010

Edible Delightful Pleasures

Treat yourself to some edible delights and you can work off the guilty pleasures later.

First, we will just look at a mouth watering, delicious Chocolate Cupcake photograph from f2Images. This would make a perfect enhancement to our kitchen walls, wouldn’t you say?

But enough looking without touching. How about sinking our teeth into one of these Himalayan Pink Salt Truffles by Vintage Confections. The top sprinkles are pink salt and within each sumptuous creamy truffle, which has been rolled in cocoa is a center ganache of dark chocolate, made with fresh cream and butter.


Also from Vintage Confections is, Dulce de leche Vanilla Marshmallows. These large marshmallows with delicious, finger lickin’ caramel swirled throughout these treats are just too yummy!

Now here is a brownie that you absolutely must share with your friends and family. And they will definitely give you brownie points for these treats.  Jeanette’s Patisserie makes these rich, delectable mouth watering Organic Chocolate Espresso Brownies that are delivered to you in green eco-friendly packaging.


What a delicious way to start the week!

1 comment:

  1. Delicious!!! My sweet tooth is calling! Thank you so much for including my cupcake with these delicacies!

    Emiko :)