Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day Five . . . I'm Off to Paris

It's raining today, which makes it a perfect day to just sit in a cafe.
And write in a journal about my adventures, thoughts and dreams.  This handcrafted "Unique Leaves Leather Journal" was created by GILDBookbinders on Etsy.  The book was crafted with natural tree leaves which were stamped on the cover of the journal.  Each journal is unique and unexpected due to the individuality of the natural tree leaves that are used to make each book.  Inside are acid-free, ivory pages, waiting for a fountain pen to record history.
Unique Leaves Leather Journal
Oh no, BooBoo doesn't look too happy because she doesn't like to get wet from the rain.  For you dog lovers out there, you don't have to leave your favorite fur baby behind.  Paris is very dog friendly, so at least she can sit inside the cafe with me and just look outside the window!


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