Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Three . . . I'm Off to Paris

I set off today on my sightseeing adventures by wearing tattoos out in public.  The Parisians will surely stop, stare and fall in love with this sexy pair on my legs.

Don't these Sexy Flora Tattoo thigh-high socks make a major fashion statement?  Post at Etsy designs and creates beautiful tattoo leg fashions, which are so tasteful and feminine.

One of the best ways to be a part of the Parisian scene is to take the Metro which can take you anywhere in Paris underground.  The routes are mapped out so easily, it's nearly impossible to not find your way around easily.  I love this Art Nouveau styled entrance to the Metro.
I'm in the mood to visit one of the most famous and visited tourist attractions in Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral - can't wait to get there!
This cathedral has so many wonderful architectural details waiting to be captured by my camera.  The stain glass windows, the buttresses.  Just wandering the rooms and imaging all the people who walked these floors from centuries passed.  How magnificent!
What a wonderful experience and the time has come for dinner.  Oh this looks like a great place to stop and eat a tasty French meal and it has a great window view for people watching.
Walking along the boulevard back to my hotel is a florists where I will buy a bunch of aromatic roses to fill my room with their wonderful fragrance. I love how the French write their price tags, so creative and personable.
Today was a great day and my hotel room in the Latin Quarter is so inviting and relaxing.  The French window is perfect for letting a warm breeze fill the room.


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