Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Two . . . I'm Off to Paris

After a very restful sleep in my cozy hotel room . . .
I will start the day with having a traditional French breakfast of cafe au lait, fresh squeezed orange juice and freshly baked croissants with fresh butter and jam.
Now that I am pleasantly nourished, off to one of the the most fantastic shopping stores in the center of Paris, the Galleries Lafayette.
So many stores my eyes are twirling, but I only have one day so full speed ahead.  Let's see I need new shoes and of course a handbag to match . . . how many floors are in this place?
I'm exhausted, time to stop and rest.  Let's see, what's on the menu at this chic bistro.  It's so much fun to sit outside and people watch and eavesdrop on my dining neighbors! Now how to translate the juicy gossip into English, where's my translator?


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